Would You Like to See Organic, Nutrient Dense Food Become More Affordable and More Available to Everybody?

Do You Believe That Our Food Should Be Produced in a Sustainable Manner That Regenerates Soil and Overcomes Our Reliance on Chemical Inputs?

Would You Like to Be More Fairly Rewarded as an Ethical Food Producer?

Got An Innovative Idea or Startup That Could Create Exponential Outcomes in the Sustainable Food System?

Join the industry’s leading agribusiness mentors, thought leaders, impact investors and startup experts to discover new solutions for business and innovation in organics and sustainable food


Over Two days, You Will Learn and Implement Strategies and Solutions to Help You - Scale Up Your Current Farm or Business

- Turn Your Startup or Innovation Into a Commercial Success!


Strategies to Grow Your Sustainable or Organic Food Business and Claim Your Slice of the Fastest Growing Food Sector in the Western World

New Date:

22nd March 2019, BYRON BAY


A Complete Step By Step System to Take Your Startup from Great Idea to Commercial Launch

PLUS Your Chance to Win $6000 Worth of PRIZES

New Date:

23rd March, 2019, BYRON BAY


To Scale or Not to Scale?

9:00 am

Adam Gibson

  • Tapping into Emerging Market Trends and Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle

Take Control of Your Farming Business

9:15 am

Andrew Roberts

  • How to buy back 20 hours of your time each week so you can start doing the strategic work of scaling up your operation

  • Four things you MUST start doing immediately to be able to step out of the role of $25/hour technical farmer and into the role of $500/hour scalable business owner

  • The 3-step blueprint to find and hire the best team members to grow your income for you as you scale

How to Profit Regeneratively

11:00 am

Charlie Arnott

  • A Case Study of How To Profit by Adopting Regenerative Farming Practices

Low Cost Marketing Strategies

12:00 pm

Marc Lindsay

  • Cutting Edge, Yet Low Cost Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth

1:00 pm  Lunch Break

Finding Alternative Sources of Capital

2:00 pm

Adam Gibson

  • Introducing a Fast Track System to Getting Your Farm Project Funded

  • How to Raise the Capital You Need Without Involving Banks or Venture Captial

Diversified Income Strategies for Food Producers

2:30 pm

Rose Wright

  • Simple Value Add Strategies That Can Boost Your Bottom Line

  • Price Maker or Price Taker?  How to Create Premium Markets for Your Produce

The Business Model for an Entreprenuerial Farm

3:00 pm

Professor Robin Stonecash

  • The Business Model for an Entrepreneurial Farm, presented by a former Director of Rabobank Farm Manager's and Executive Development programs and current SCU Dean of Business 


adam bio pic.jpeg

Adam Gibson

Commercialisation &

Wellness Industry Expert

andrew roberts.JPEG

Andrew Roberts

Farm Owners Academy Founder &

Leading Business Coach


Charlie Arnott

Biodynamic Farmer + Facilitator, Regen Agriculture Advocate

marc lindsay.jpeg

Marc Lindsay

Marketing & Social Media Expert


Rose Wright

Founder & Managing Director, Regionality

robin stonecash.jpeg

Prof Robin Stonecash

Dean of Business, SCU and former Director of Rabobank Executive Development and Farm Manager's Programs 


Lorraine Gordon

SCU Centre for Organics Research, Associate Director

mark napper.jpeg

Mark Napper


Ag Industry Business Advisor+Consultant,

Director Hort Innovation


Dan Fitzgerald

Chief Investment Officer of Small Giants

3:30 pm  Break

Insiders Guide to Organic Certification

4:00 pm

Lorraine Gordon

  • Insiders Guide to Organic Certification and How to Profit Whilst in Transition

Exploring International Markets

4:30 pm

Mark Napper

  • Pros and Cons of Selling into National Retail Chains and Exploring International Markets

NB: Tickets are strictly limited to the first 100 registrations.  Book now so you don't miss out!



Do You Have an Innovative Idea Or Startup Business That Could Create Exponential Outcomes in the Sustainable Food Supply Chain?

Would You Like to Play a Part in the "Nutrient Dense" Food Revolution?

Take the First Step to Turning Your Startup into a Commercial Success!

Join us as we guide you through a world class business incubation process to take your startup from great idea to ready to launch!


PLUS!  You are invited to pitch your startup concept at the end of the day to our expert judging panel for a chance to win a Startup Incubation mentoring package worth over $6000!

From Idea to Prototype

9:00 am

  • Develop and refine your idea into a scalable global business concept

USP + Value Proposition

10:00 am

  • Create an unforgettable USP and value proposition for your product or service

Test Your Idea in the Market

11:00 am

  • Test your idea in the market (before you spend any more money developing it!)

  • Design a high leverage marketing strategy that won't blow your budget



Mark Holden

Sourdough Business Pathways

kylee ingram.jpeg

Kylee Ingram

Startup Expert 

adam bio pic.jpeg

Adam Gibson

Venture Organic Director

1:00 pm  Lunch Break

Startup Essentials

2:00 pm

  • Learn how to identify and recruit a team of ideal co-founders, employees and techies

  • Understand your funding requirements and find investment capital by bypassing the banks

  • Access Government funding to create your minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Apply a simple formula to pitch your idea to potential investors

Case Study

3:00 pm

  • Cedar Anderson - Flowhive


3:30 pm

  • You will be invited to pitch your startup concept to our expert judging panel.

  • The most successful pitches will win a Venture Organic Startup Incubation Mentoring Program worth over $6000


cedar anderson.jpg

Cedar Anderson

Flowhive Founder


Mike Lewis

AgTech Startup Investor and Advisor

matt ward.jpeg

Matt Ward

Owner, Honest to Goodness and Board Member of Organic Federation Australia

You should attend this event if:

  • You have a startup or business idea that could improve the affordability, availability or viability of organic, regeneratively farmed or nutrient dense food

  • You are an entrepreneur, marketer, organic producer or investor who wants to make a difference in the world of sustainable, healthy food

  • You aspire to a career in organics, natural health, regenerative agriculture or innovation and want to team up with other like minded people to participate in a startup

Click on the link for more Info on Eligibility Criteria and Team Registration